Why Working with an Unbonded Construction Company is a Big No-No

Working with an unbonded construction company is just asking for trouble. It is a risk that you do not want to take. Whilst it may be cheaper in the short-term, it will definitely be more expensive in the long-term. A bond is a guarantee and without it, there is no guarantee or legal protection. If the contractor does not act in a way that you initially agreed, then you cannot do anything about it as there is no guarantee. Below are the reasons why you should never in a million years work with an unbonded construction company.


Bonding is most often confused with insurance, however, there is a significant difference. With a bond, there is a guarantee the contractor will work as they are inclined to according to the contract or agreement. Money is secured to the homeowner or individual in the possible scenario of the contractor failing to perform as they should of, in accordance with the agreement. For example, if the construction company built a garden shed that had many faults and did not have lighting as it was supposed to have according to the contract, then the bond will protect you and give you back your money or make the contractor fix the problem.  Here is some more information on California Contractor bonds and how they work.

Unexpected Costs

A bondage will protect you from a variety of incidents that could cost you lots of money. If a contractor’s employee damages or even steals some of your property, a bonded contractor will have this covered. Whilst bonded companies are more expensive than ones that are not, it is a small price to pay for potential damage or loss of property. Also, if an employee of the company has an accident and has to pay medical bills, they might sue you for the accident. The medical bills could add up to tens of thousands, therefore a bonded company is vital to use as the bondage will cover it.

Quality of Work

Construction companies that are not bonded typically produce less quality work and are more likely to hire illegal workers. The reason why they are cheaper than bonded companies is because they hire illegal or unreliable workers that cost very little to employ. The workers might be treated really badly such as having no breaks or not following correct safety procedures. There is a higher chance of accidents, longer production time and less quality work. The reason why bonded companies are more expensive is because they produce better quality work and are more professional.

Do not take a contractors word about being bonded. Ask for certification or proof of the bond and look at the small print very carefully to see what it covers. There are different types of bonds which cover for different incidents. Understand everything it covers to avoid any possible future regrets. If you hire a unbonded construction company, you will regret it and will wish that you took that right path of hiring a bonded company.